Through baptism God welcomes infants, children and adults into his family, the church.

What we believe baptism means

It’s a gift, it’s free and it’s for you from God.

The faith of baptised followers is nurtured through sharing the faith at home, regular worship, and accessing faith development programs at Prince of Peace – Life Group membership, Biblesong for young children, Kidzone, Youth Group and adult study programs.

How do I get myself or my child baptised?

We would love to talk to you about getting yourself or your child baptised. Requests for baptism are received by the Church Administrator, Anneliese Stepowski. You can contact her at the church office on (07) 3872  5757, or complete the form on the Contact Us page. Your details will be passed onto our Baptism Coordinator, Hanne O’Brien.

What’s involved?

Prior to the baptism day, it is important to attend a two night (one hour per night), wine and cheese baptism information course. This course provides an overview of baptism, as well as some excellent resources for parenting and faith formation in families.

Ordinarily, one Sunday per month is set aside for Baptisms. Dates can be ascertained from Anneliese Stepowski (Church Administrator)

Understanding of baptism is enhanced through a posted information pack, a folder of booklets, and the baptism gifts of a certificate, banner, washer, candle, Bible resource and Luther’s Small Catechism.