#1 Freedom from Religious Performance

#1 Freedom from Religious Performance

Summary: Our culture rewards performance.  If you perform above average, you’ll be noticed, applauded, rewarded.

Some people think that’s the way it works with God too, that the more I do b- the better I do – the more God will be impressed with my performance.

The problem with performance, though, is twofold

  1. It focuses on ME (the Gospel focuses on JESUS. Only JESUS!  JESUS plus ME is no longer the Gospel.   Paul had to address this with the Galatians as the Judaisers sought to bring in the ME)
  2. The performance standard is 100% fulfilling of the law (3:16 MSG). Trying to live like that leaves us exhausted and anxious!

But the gospel sets us free from religious performance.  It takes the focus – and the pressure – off us.  And it puts it on to JESUS!  Only JESUS!

Galations 1:1-9

Galations 2:11-21

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