Remember Jesus Christ!

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This year we’ll be thanking God for 30 years as a congregation on this site.  It’s a miracle.  Not just that this church got going here, but that the Christian church got going at all!  After all, began with a group of frightened, timid disciples locked together in a room after Jesus’ death.
What changed things around? How could they go from frightened disciples to bold proclaimers of Christ? An encounter with Jesus!
What is the single biggest factor that will set us free to be bold witnesses for Christ?  An encounter with Christ!
The danger is that – after we’ve been Christians for some time – we can tend to forget toe cross and what Jesus did for us. At times like that we need to do as St Paul says “Remember Jesus Christ” (2 Tim 2:8)

John 20:19-31

2 Timothy 2:8

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Remember Jesus Christ!