Service Opportunities

Service Opportunities

At Prince of Peace we are committed to serving God where He has placed us. Here are a list of current opportunities to serve in the church and local and international communities.

Meals 4 You

As we all know, the passage of life can be challenging. Whether it is the birth of a baby, a house move, a family tragedy or an illness, there are times when we all need help. We believe that Meals 4 You is not just a meal. It is a way to practically express Jesus’ love and comfort. We are offering hope and friendship to people in their time of hardship.

Meals 4 You provides four ways in which you can lend your support:

  1. Providing meals to freeze in disposable containers, which will be supplied
  2. Join us for cooking days in the school kitchen
  3. Provide ingredients or financial donations
  4. Delivery of meals

Containers, labels and delivery of meals will be available for pick up and drop off from the chapel kitchen on Monday’s between 8-9am and on Fridays between 8-9am or on Sundays at Church between 8.15-10am. Completed meals can be left in the Meals 4 You Freezer, just behind the door in the Church kitchen. Please fill in the register when dropping off any meals.

If you know of anyone in need of a Heart-Print or would love to join this wonderful ministry, please contact the church office on (07) 3872 5757.

Knitting For Afganistan

We are knitting beanies and scarves to send to Afganistan. If you would like to join this ministry please contact the Church office on (07) 3872 5757 for more information.

Helping during a Church service

Each worship service needs volunteers to help out in a number of areas including: bible readings, communion servers, ushers, offering counting, morning tea, prayer and care. We would love to have you aboard to share the load. If you would like to help during a Church Service please contact the Church Office on (07) 3872 5757 or chat to the Pastors after a Sunday service.

Helping in the Church Office

Many hands make light work and there are lots of small, everyday tasks that need to be done. If you would like to help out in the Church Office between 8 – 11am of a morning, Monday to Friday, please contact the Church Office on (07) 3872 5757 or use the contact form to let us know.

Prayer Chain

We have an email prayer chain in which prayer requests are emailed out to those on the list. If you would like to join the Prayer Chain then contact the Church Office on (07) 3872 5757 or use the prayer request to let us know.

Working Bees

Every now and then Working Bees are organised to address a specific need at the Church, College or in the wider Community. Keep an eye on the Events Page for opportunties to serve here.