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There is much in Jacob, son of Isaac & grandson of Abraham, whose character, actions, and motives we find extremely distasteful. Even in utero, he is looking out for #1. He takes full advantage of the disadvantages of others. He tells lies. He plays favorites. He fights with God. 

Jacob’s story is the story of a God who doesn’t select the sainted or pick the "good christian", but our God who regularly pans for crushed and broken sinners in the sewers of this world to bring into His love. And, it's those stink-covered messy people that he washes and gives abundant and everlasting grace.

Such is Jacob.
Such am I.
And such are you.

This series is entitled Limping with God because, as Jacob limped away from his famous wrestling match with God, so we all get by on bum hips and bad knees. Following Jesus, we limp our way down the dark and slippery paths of life. As we do, we discover, ironically, that the longer we follow him, the weaker we become, and the more we lean on our Lord. Finally, at our most mature, our eyes are opened to realize that we’ve never run or walked or even limped a single day of our lives. We’ve been on Christ’s shoulders the entire time. 

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