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Over the last two years, Prince of Peace has re-set its vision. We asked ourselves, post-Covid and with a new pastor, what is God calling us to do in this season over the next five years. We listened to God and we listened to you.  Following a Leaders Retreat, a representative group of ten members met on Saturdays over a number of months to distil our vision, which was subsequently endorsed by the congregation, and summarised as follows:
Prince of Peace in five years will be an oasis of wellbeing: spiritual, relational, and mental wellbeing. We will be for our communities a connecting place for the young and the old, seen and unseen. Our vision is for Prince of Peace to be an oasis of wellbeing in our communities.
This vision is underpinned by four key pillars:
1.    Staffing for wellbeing;
2.    Youth connected;
3.    Event trips that connect & grow;
4.    Facilities that support wellness & connection.
Staffing for wellbeing is the first and most critical plank of the vision as it underpins the rest.  We have settled on the role of Pastoral Wellbeing Worker that works in the liminal spaces of our community with a clear focus on connection and wellbeing. This was endorsed at the November 2022 AGM, along with the proposal to seek pledges to fund the role for 3 years. 
With the support of rental income from the 20 Rogers Parade West property, our reduced target is $225k over three years. Praise be to God we have a foundation pledge of $100k, so we are now seeking pledges from members like you that will support the balance i.e. $125k over three years.
Calendar Year    Current Pledge    Pledge Target
2023                                  $50k                            $70k
2024                                  $25k                            $75k
2025                                  $25k                            $80k
                               Total: $100k                          $225k

My encouragement is for all of us to collectively commit to meeting this target, and even exceed it, so that we can meet the challenges and opportunities that God has placed before us here at Prince of Peace. If every member forgoes one cup of coffee per day ($5/day) and gave that money instead to this ministry role, our target will be reached. 
You may find a pledge form at the Generosity Station located in the entryway.  The church will be open during office hours (M-Th: 8am-4pm) and Sunday during worship. You can make your pledge over the next two weeks. These will be confidentially collected and commence when we proceed with the role.  

Why Wellbeing Connection is our vision for the future of Prince of Peace Church.

Hear from members of the Prince of Peace Church community.