Light and Dark

The story is told of an old estate auction where all the items went quickly. All, but one. It was an old, ugly, dusty looking violin, and the people laughed that such an item had even been put up for auction.

The auctioneer opened the bidding. Someone said, “five dollars”… and every chuckled. Another upped the value to ten dollars… and there was a little more laughter.

The auction continued, until the bid was $50.

The auctioneer began to declare the auction. “$50 once,” he began. “$50 twice,” he continued… and just at that moment, an old man got up, walked slowly to the front of the auction stage, and asked to see the violin.

The old man took a cloth from his pocket and started to rub the instrument.

And as he rubbed, people could start to see the magnificent grain of the wood shining through…it was becoming a beautiful instrument.

Then he started to pluck the strings and turn the pegs to tune it. He placed the instrument in position and began to play… (audio of violin playing)… and when he finished playing, the man gave the violin back to the auctioneer and slowly walked back to his seat.

The auctioneer reopened the bidding: “So, what is the bid for this beautiful violin?”

Someone bid five thousand dollars, another bid twenty thousand.

The bids went up and up until finally the bidding closed. That violin sold that day for fifty-thousand dollars.

Question. What made the difference to the value of the violin? It was the touch of the master’s hand!

When we have been touched by the Master’s hand, our lives take on new meaning as well.